Dawn Hughes & The Rise Of Eve Fantastic [Hybrid Web-Series]

In late 2016, I got asked to be the DoP on this really cool hybrid web-series idea, that would mix comic book with live action in a seamless web experience. That experience can be found here.

“Dawn Hughes and the Rise of Eve Fantastic takes place at the cutthroat Atwood School for the Arts where everyone is vying for a piece of the spotlight. DAWN HUGHES, 17, is an insecure high school senior who is always the stage manager, never the star, but desperately wants to be noticed. After being ignored by her crush and humiliated by the school’s primadonna for the last time, Dawn decides to take control of her life, and in a moment of bravery and glitter, her superhero alter ego, EVE FANTASTIC, is born. Eve is the polar opposite of Dawn; she’s exciting and brave and refuses to take no for an answer. Most importantly, with her powers of electric eye contact, nobody ignores Eve Fantastic. But when Eve goes too far, it’s Dawn that has to pick up the pieces. Two personalities become one as Dawn learns to channel the best parts of Eve while remaining true to herself.

Experiencing this story is twofold: firstly, the comic book, read either on our website or in print. The comic is a linear story that follows the adventure of Dawn and Eve. Secondly, some of the panels can be activated and will play short, live action episodes. To get the full story of Dawn Hughes and the Rise of Eve Fantastic, readers must experience to two mediums in tandem.

Catch the rest of the story on http://www.evefantastic.com


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